It′s simple, smart and occasionally magical.

A cube is a symmetrical three-dimensional shape, either solid or hollow, contained by six equal squares.

Depending on where you might cut a cube,

and how you might attach various cubes to one another, an indeterminate array of differing shapes may be formed.

Creative solutions for your business!

Services that suit your need in the shape, form, dimension and variability that will promise you the ultimate experience every time.

HR Administration

Cubic Blue provides outsourced solutions to meet the administrative and HR needs of our clients. We perform the HR duties that save business owners time and money through economies of scale. Some businesses, especially small businesses or start-up companies, are not prepared for the HR administrative duties associated with employing staff.


Performance Management

Once we understand your organizational needs, we will assist you in the Performance Management Process. We assist in setting performance standards and expectations; this includes doing Performance Development Plans and Performance Appraisals.


Job profiling

It is important that the employee knows exactly what is expected from him/her; therefore, we assist with regards to this process. We will sit with the new employee and go through the job spec with them, but depending on the employee's KPA's and KPI's, the job spec will be customized to the employee.



Our HR Consultants will facilitate the recruitment process by engaging with recruitment agencies. Working with our customers we will assist in attracting, identifying and selecting high calibre candidates. These candidates will be screened, interviewed face-to-face and shortlisted. We can also perform ITC, criminal, qualification and reference checks.


Happy employees give more creativity and innovation!

Happiness, Productivity and Performance are interrelated. When we are happy our productivity and performance increases. It not only increases but it multiplies. Happiness and Productivity are directly proportional to each other.