Cubic Blue (Pty) Ltd

forms part of the Knowledge Integration Dynamics (KID) Group of Companies.


Deliver Executive Recruitment and Human Resource outsourcing.

Customized HR services for small to medium sized business

to streamline your Human Resource policies, procedures, and challenges.

Solutions to support Human Resource departments

in order that they most effectively manage personnel, remain legally compliant, and complete all the necessary documentation. HR forms setup and compliance, employee orientations and new hire paperwork, employee files, employee handbooks and job descriptions, termination services, severance assistance, Labor reports and more.


At Cubic Blue, we offer customised Human Resource (HR) services tailored for the small to medium sized business. Cubic Blue provides organisations with a virtual or on-site solution removing the burden of day-to-day HR issues thus allowing you to focus on building your core business successfully. Founded in 2010 in Johannesburg South Africa, Cubic Blue serves a client base of small to medium sized businesses in the greater Gauteng area. We provide the HR knowledge and implementation strategies to ensure your organization is adhering to gazetted standards while increasing employee wellbeing and ultimately, productivity within your business. Cubic Blue performs the HR duties that save business owners time and money through economies of scale. Small businesses or start-up companies are not geared for the HR administrative duties associated with employing and retaining staff. 
We ensure that we stay abreast with changes within the legislative and legal areas to provide you with peace of mind. Our team brings an informed, creative, and experienced approach to your business in a way that's both productive and cost-effective with fixed monthly rates that allow you to budget and plan for your company to grow and prosper. Our goal is to establish a long-term, sustainable relationship with you and your company Cubic Blue has a wide range of experience across various industries, including Banking, Insurance, Customer Service, Call Centers, Information Technology, Cellular, Advertising.